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Urban Green Council (NY): Conquer the Energy Code

We are happy to share that Fatou Jabbie, CEO, has recently become an instructor for Urban Green Council’s Conquer the Energy Code!

New York State’s new Energy Conservation Code is undeniably complex, with more stringent processes than previous iterations. The ultimate goal of the new Energy Conservation Code is to help New York City and State meet their energy consumption and greenhouse gas reduction goals. While challenging, the new code also offers flexibility for architects and engineers by providing for alternate paths for adhering to the code. Most importantly, integrating compliance into pre-construction planning and maintaining clear communication between architects and engineers will help remove barriers to code compliance.

This program focuses on ways that architects and engineers can seamlessly incorporate the energy code into their practice, utilizing a whole-building approach that integrates mechanical and lighting systems along with the building envelope.

Two versions of Conquering the Code are being offered by Urban Green Council, and funded by NYSERDA:

  • Conquering the Energy Code for Residential Architects
  • Conquering the Energy Code for Commercial Architects and Engineers

Instructors have a range of skills and expertise in the architecture or engineering field, as well as a passion for sustainable design and green building practices.

Each course is eight hours in length and will be available throughout New York State- including the five boroughs of NYC as well as Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Yonkers– helping building professionals learn more about energy code analysis, integration, and compliance.

Some of topics covered include:

  • Compliance Paths
  • Roles, Responsibilities, and Communication
  • Residential: Prescriptive Path, Performance Path, and ERI
  • Commercial Energy Code: Prescriptive and Performance Paths
  • Building Thermal Envelope
  • Building Systems
  • Lighting and Electrical Power
  • Documentation and Inspection

Learn more at:
and :“Recap: Uncovering NYC’s New Energy Code”

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