USL Sustainability Efficiency Engineering


We aim to work on The Gambia’s rural development and poverty reduction strategies while safeguarding its rich natural resource base and unique biodiversity assets. Our projects address goals that are aligned with the National Development Plan and the United Nations’s SDGs. We will be providing environmental services through our projects to support productive socio-economic systems which will help address common goals and generate shared value.

Sustainable Hospitality & Ecotourism

As a Gambia-based and woman-owned firm, USEE has the ambition to build a prosperous and sustainable hospitality and ecotourism industry, and increase employment opportunities in the rural areas across the country. We aim to promote ecotourism, and disperse international visitors across rural destinations, beginning with Kartong. This approach will allow for an inclusive development of the tourism industry and promote opportunities to ensure economic progress in alignment to poverty-reduction goals and strategies for youth and women employment.

Domestic Collaborations & Partnerships

With a strong confidence in our expertise and the untapped potentials of the Gambian tourism industry, USEE is seeking collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Finance to mobilize the interests of the private and public actors to identify beneficial economic opportunities found in developing the built environment. We aim to leverage and enhance the potentials of this industry to achieve national and local development targets including empowering women and youth all across the country, enhancing ecosystem services and ensuring environmental resources compliance. To begin with, the following types of projects are under development:

Our Project

USEE’s two eco-resort project designs, Earth Conscious Resort on the Halahin and Earth Conscious Resort on the Atlantic, are a canvas with a lot of potential and promise. With the expertise from our operations in New York City, combined with the richness of the natural and cultural assets found in the Gambian countryside, both our projects in Kartong will become attractive destinations with a greater and widespread impact across public and private sector interests. The results from Kartong will be a blueprint that can be replicable and scalable across neighboring villages – from Kombos leading all the way to Banjul.

The development projects aim to achieve economic growth, social equity, and environmental conservation in Kartong, through designing and implementing both in alignment with The Gambia’s National Development Plan (2018-2021), UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Circular Economy model, Biomimicry and Sustainable Agriculture practices.

Climate Resilience

Climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience projects for the Government of The Gambia.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency project work for existing government buildings in The Gambia.

LEED in Hospitality

Projects for LEED certification in Hospitality for new and existing buildings in The Gambia.