USL Sustainability Efficiency Engineering

Community Building

Community Building is about bringing about transformations that empower individuals, leaders, organizations and societies from within local communities.

Community Building in Our Work

Our work in The Gambia is focused around how effectively we use our natural resources, goods and services sustainably and align our work with the triple bottom line: environmental sustainability, economic feasibility and social equity. In addressing The Gambia’s high rate of unemployment and under-employment for youth and women and the sector-specific skills gap, USEE prioritizes the following capacity building strategies for the Kartong community and neighboring villages in all stages of its community development and project lifespan.

Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking

Technical Skills

Communication w/ Market Actors

Government Partnerships

Our work in the small coastal village of Kartong is an excellent project that can be replicated and scaled across other village communities in The Gambia. It will engage the local community and include their knowledge and expertise to drive the framework most suitable for The Gambia. For instance, biomimicry can be seen as a return to our natural roots by incorporating nature and the framework of natural systems into the built environment. USEE is taking this as an opportunity to inform on the process from the local community.

The integration of best practices and technology in design, operations and maintenance of the project would be thus supported and popularized through partnerships and contracts with the Kartong community, local market actors, business partners and the government.