USL Sustainability Efficiency Engineering

Who We Are

When it comes to the high-stakes world of Ecotourism, Sustainable Hospitality & Climate Resiliency, we're here to help.

The Brains Behind Our Success

Our team has a combined experience of over 15 years in climate adaptation and mitigation, energy, sustainability, finance, technology and engineering strategies related to efficiency and resiliency in the built environment enabling sustainable communities and cities. Our systems-thinking approach assesses biodiversity, land use, efficient use of resources within buildings, communities and cities relating to water and energy use, human health and well-being, waste management and the use of environmentally responsible materials and resources.

Fatou Jabbie

Founder & CEO, USL Technology/ USEE

With more than 14 years of experience in leading large, highly competitive organizations to success, Fatou Jabbie is responsible for overseeing the company’s day to-day operations. She is an accomplished technology strategy consultant and engineer with over 12 years’ experience as a valued systems and network engineering contributor to diverse technology teams. Fatou also has a rich first-hand I.T. experience and knows what it takes for technology to not only function well, but to significantly contribute to business objectives.


General Manager

With over three decades of experience, Maggie is a Hospitality, Food, and Beverage industry maven. She holds diplomas in Tourism, Hotel & Catering Management/Operations & Administration from the Confederation of Tourism/Hotel Catering Institute UK. She has worked and managed at several hotels internationally and locally including the Post House Hotel, THF Hotel Chain Heathrow airport, Crofton Hotel Kensington, West London College, Kairaba Beach Hotel, Ocean Bay Hotel and Sheraton Hotel Resort & Spa. As a former Executive Member of the Association of Small Scale Enterprise in Tourism (ASSET), she has also received several letters of appreciation from the Department of State for Tourism & Culture in 2006. In recognition of her dedicated service, Maggie has been recognized as a Member of the National Order of The Republic of The Gambia multiple times including in 2012, 2010 and 2019.

Harleen Srivastava

Sustainability Program Manager

With an overall focus on projects in the U.S and The Gambia, Harleen manages outreach, business developments, stakeholder management and project delivery while managing technicians, energy modellers and outreach analysts. She has a combined 9 years of work experience in software development, managing IT operations, carbon accounting, sustainability reporting and disclosures, researching challenges and strategies to reduce carbon emissions from a city etc. She holds a MS in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, New York and Masters in Business Administrations and in Software Systems from universities in Delhi, India.

Rona Banai

Efficiency Outreach Manager

Rona is the team’s trusted Technical Advisor by offering products and services that help building owners and property managers become more knowledgeable about energy efficiency strategies in NYC and The Gambia. Since her early days in university, Rona has been leading research and project teams in energy at universities and national labs, and in the private sector. With her record of experience in discovery and development of engineering solutions to solve the problems of energy, waste, and sustainability, she is invested in capacity building for projects in The Gambia. Rona holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University, and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Penn State University.

Venus Dulani


Venus strategizes for and streamlines the LEED framework, UN SDGs, and Circular Economy into project implementation in The Gambia, while coordinating outreach and client acquisition for energy efficiency projects in New York. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she recently graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Studies, with an additional concentration in Inequality Studies. Prior to working at USL/USEE, she interned at the United Nations and Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Maimuna Jabbie

Sustainability Outreach & Communications Analyst

Maimuna primarily focuses on streamlining the UN SDGs into USEE’s sustainable hospitality and ecotourism projects in The Gambia. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Information Systems at the University of The Gambia. Among other positions and achievements, Maimuna is the Youth Coordinator for Green-Up Gambia, a capacity-building NGO focused on combating climate change in the nation.

Fatou Suno

Sustainability Outreach & Communications Analyst

Fatou reviews proposals and bids to guide building owners, while also streamlining the UN SDGs into USEE’s sustainable hospitality and ecotourism projects in The Gambia. While completing a BA in Journalism from the University of The Gambia, Fatou served as Program and Outreach Coordinator for the International Hult Prize, in addition to working part-time as a Junior Communications Officer at one of The Gambia’s top communications firms, Ace Communications Executive.