USL Sustainability Efficiency Engineering


About USL Sustainability Efficiency Engineering

USL Sustainability Efficiency Engineering (USEE) is a Gambia-based and woman-owned firm with a VISION to build a prosperous and sustainable hospitality and ecotourism industry, and increase employment opportunities for women and youth in rural areas.


USEE is determined to help people, communities, and businesses realize their potential and understand and align their operations and resource consumption with community-driven environmental sustainability and technological innovation to achieve both short-term and long-term economic sustainability and carbon emission reduction.

Upholding the triple bottom line of Economic, Environmental and Social sustainability, we aim to drive a system-thinking integrated approach to make buildings, communities and cities more sustainable and of high quality performance that is beneficial for business, the environment and individuals.

We organize our work around three priority areas which are also in line with The Gambia’s National Development Plan (2018-2021):

Climate Resilience

Climate change is arguably the most important issue facing our world today. The Gambia is no exception to this and as a Least Developed Country it is even more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. USEE aims to pioneer climate mitigation, adaptation, resilience and conservation strategies into buildings, communities and cities across The Gambia in partnership with the local government.

Sustainable Hospitality & Ecotourism

The tourism industry in The Gambia is already a major economic driver. USEE aims to promote inclusive ecotourism, and disperse international and intra-African visitors across rural destinations, beginning with Kartong. This approach can enhance the industry’s potential to ensure economic progress, sustainable contributions to poverty-reduction strategies, and greater employment opportunities for the Gambian women and youth.

Economic Opportunities

Pursuing sustainable and inclusive business models can unlock economic opportunities worth trillions of dollars and generate millions of jobs particularly in developing countries. At USEE, with a focus on social equity, we aim to foster and reinforce capacity building strategies for particularly, youth and women engaged in the green economy, climate adaptation and resilience, clean energy, sustainability practices, and smart technologies.