USL Sustainability Efficiency Engineering


Our team works tirelessly to contribute to sustainability strategies nationally, while encouraging positive collaborative initiatives with the government and private sector to drive clean energy implementation, job creation and economic growth.

USEE Culture

USEE Team Culture

In fostering an inclusive, equal opportunity corporate culture, USEE mobilizes its medley of professionals to uphold and diligently represent the company’s mission. With an ambitious goal to realize the United Nation SDGs, we work tirelessly in paving the way towards forward-thinking and leading-edge sustainability measures in The Gambia.



Our team is empowered by promoting creativity and knowledge-sharing, blending complementary and varying strengths, establishing trust and reliability in the workplace, teaching conflict resolution skills, fostering a wider sense of ownership and responsibility and encouraging healthy risk-taking.


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Effected through consistent and reliable teamwork, our strategies promote national ownership of development initiatives, policy formation, and climate resilience. Our team cooperatively encourages solutions that ensure alignment with The Gambia’s strategic national needs, objectives and priorities as laid out in the National Development Plan (2018-2021).